Cricket Ball Symbol

Steve is a character on the Go!Go!Go! programme.

His signature colour is blue, and his symbol is a shield.


Steve likes to consider himself a martial artist. He has mastered a variety of sports and activities, including football and BMX biking. Although it seems strange for an athlete, Steve also loves to draw in his free time. He is best friends with Jade. He is more carefree than his friend Carl. He and Carl share a sort of sibling-like rivalry when it comes to outdoor activities. Steve wears a blue sweatshirt.

Official bio

"Hey, I'm Steve, I love sports and especially martial arts. I'm a real 2nd dan black belt in karate but now I've invented my own new, ancient martial art called Ichi Oo! And I'm a second and tartan belt in that, too! I also love drawing and painting, especially cartoons. I really like doing any sort of exercise and street dancing is my favourite kind. I don't think there's any outside activity that I don't like. I play the guitar and I love strumming along whilst I'm singing with the others. My birthday is 11th June."



Steve sings the following songs. A bold title means Steve is the main singer for the song.


Steve appears in the following video shorts:


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