Question Mark Symbol

Mr Baffled is a character on the Go!Go!Go! programme.

His signature colour is orange, and his symbol is a question mark.


Mr Baffled is an inventor who lives in a schoolhouse with the Fluffalope and sleeps in a basket. He wears a lab coat, steampunk-style goggles, and a plaid shirt with a necktie. He is always curious and confused at the same time. Mr Baffled often brainstorms ideas for new inventions and tries to build them, only to end up causing baffling problems that only the other Go!Go!Go! team members can solve. Without the band, he would be completely lost. In the music videos, he acts as the band's DJ and normally does not sing. He is a surprisingly skilled breakdancer.

Official bio

"Hello there, I'm Mr Baffled. I live on the islands of Baffadopolis with the other Go!Go!Go! guys and the Fluffalope, my trusty assistant! I spend my time trying to put odd things to good use and occasionally I manage to succeed! My most favourite ever creation is the Bumblebug, the cool ship that the guys use to travel around in. I'm really quite proud of that :) I’m always full of questions. It's all the stuff that probably isn’t a problem to most people, but to me it's completely baffling. Thankfully the Go!Go!Go! guys help me out. My birthday is… oh, I can’t remember!"



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