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Jade is a character on the Go!Go!Go! programme.

Her signature colour is green, and her symbol is a green flash of lightning.


Jade is the most inventive member of the band. Whenever there is a problem, she will think of a wild solution. She loves books and computers. Jade likes to spend some time by herself every now and then, but nonetheless enjoys singing and dancing with the others. She is best friends with Steve. She wears thick glasses, a purple shirt (was originally green) denim dungaree shorts over purple tights, she wears white leg warmers with 3 purple stripes. She wears purple sneakers.

Jade replaced Kirsten, an original band member who does not appear in the television programme. Jade was not a part of the 2010 live show. She left the band in 2020.

Official bio

"Hiya, I'm Jade, I'm a big fan of reading and I love getting lost in a world of imagination. I've got a cool computer that I always keep with me that has every book ever written in it... ummm... I think?! It's called the J-Bolt. Most of all I just want to sing, sing, sing! I listen to loads of music from my mum's favourite bands to the sing-a-longiest new pop songs. I can sometimes be a bit of a daydreamer and I enjoy spending time on my own just as much as I enjoy spending it with the other Go!Go!Go! guys. My birthday is 16th February."



Jade sings the following songs. A bold title means Jade is the main singer for the song.


Jade appears in the following video shorts:

  • "Learn the Moves"