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The Go!Go!Go! Show Wikia
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Gemma is the main character on the Go!Go!Go! programme.

Her signature colour is pink, and her symbol is a heart.


Gemma keeps the band together with her optimistic attitude and passion for dancing. She will always take the lead when it comes to a dance routine. However, she is rather forgetful and easily distracted; sometimes, she will forget the moves to a dance or the words to a song. Whenever Gemma loses her train of thought, Carl helps her get it back. Gemma is very fond of the Fluffalope, whom she found one day in her bedroom. Gemma assumes the role of a magician's assistant whenever Carl pretends to be "Carlos the Magnificent".

Official bio

"Hi, I'm Gemma, I'm bubbly, blonde and never stop smiling! I love dancing. It's my very favourite thing. I love Lindy Hop the best. It's a fun style of dancing that my grandparents used to do! I really do love everybody and everything. In my world I like to think it's always sunny. And I love making new friends. I like helping Carl with his magic tricks too! Oh! And I love looking after the Fluffalope. He's sooooo cute! My birthday is 5th September."



Gemma sings the following songs. A bold title means Gemma is the main singer for the song.


Gemma appears in the following video shorts:

  • "Appearing Coins"
  • "Gemma Disappears"
  • "Magical Balls"
  • "Gemma Dreams: Mermaid"
  • "Weather Forecast with Gemma: Dinosaurs"
  • "Weather Forecast with Gemma: Ducks"
  • "Learn the Moves"
  • "Keep Uppy"