Cloud with Socks Symbol

The Fluffalope is a character on the Go!Go!Go! programme.

His signature colour is purple, and his symbol is a sock.


The Fluffalope is a fuzzy creature with purple fur and an insatiable appetite for socks. Before he met the Go!Go!Go! team, the Fluffalope would travel around Baffodopolis in search of socks. When Gemma found the Fluffalope in her room, the gang befriended him and let him live with Mr Baffled. While he is not technically a member of the Go!Go!Go! band, the Fluffalope is an essential friend.

Official bio

"Hello, I'm the Fluffalope! The Go!Go!Go! guys adopted me a long time ago when they caught me in Gemma's bedroom looking for socks. I LOVE socks… I eat nothing else and I never get full up. So, if you've ever left an odd sock lying around, chances are I'll have sniffed it out and eaten it! I now live with Mr Baffled and try to help him with his work, which is quite a tough job because I don't think he really knows what his work is! He's very kind though and gives me plenty of socks to eat. Yum, yum! My day of adoption is the soxth of Soxtober."


The Fluffalope appears in the music videos for the following songs:


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